Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Are Your Hours?

A: We are open 9-5pm, Monday-Saturday. 

Q: What is the size of the lip gloss tubes?

A: Lip gloss tubes are 10 ML.

Q: What is the size of the Body oil bottles?

A: Body oil bottles are 10 ML.

Q: What size are the Air Freshener & Burning oil bottles?

A: Air Freshener & Burning Oil bottles are 1oz.

Q: What is size of the Lip scrub jars?

A: Lip Scrub jars are 15 grams.

Q: What Shipping Carrier do you use?


Q: Do you have a Facebook or Instagram?

A: Yes, both are linked on our website at the bottom of the home page.

Q: Can I pay with PayPal?

A: Yes.